Frequently Asked Questions

will SolarMoney™ provide installation?

Yes. Installation is 100% free. We partnered with WARA Africa, a national and regional solar vocation institution which handles installation for us.

how soon can i get my solar system unit?

Once your application has undergone Due Diligence and approved, you will be asked to pick one out of the most trusted brands we partner with. In 24 hours, the technicians are ready to install.

What Is SolarMoney™ Lender's Formula?

Our Finance AI — artificial intelligence enabled analysis will look at your credit history to help us prevent fraud before approving your request


Yes it does. The brands are divided into 4 categories: (i) The Platinum (ii) Gold (iii) Silver and (iv) Bronze Brands. The Platinum brands has up to 7 years warranty with moneyback options. This will be fully discussed after application has been approved.

Do I Need a collateral?

for any solar system unit beyond 0.5 kVA, we will require a collateral of any type in form of original documents for a car, bike or property. Without these documentations, we will request two bonafide guarantors

how much interest will i pay?

3 months is 0%, anything above 3 months attracts 7.5% and 12 months is 15%. 

What Is Pre-approval?

This is a stage when a client’s profile is still been processed. This stage takes 24 hours.

is there a fee for assessment?

Assessment is totally free but there is a registration fee of N5,000 for every customer before profile is processed.

What Should I Offer if i dont have a collateral?

Your bank statement for the past 6 months, a signed affidavit (we will provide a template for you) and two guarantor letters signed by two verifiable people with phones or a letter from a saver’s club will suffice for the two guarantors

Can I Ask You for Advice?

we offer free advisory and consultation in terms of kilowatts, solar panels, MPPT, inverters, storage and others to ensure customers get the best solar system unit package that can last for over 10 years. 

lets get your home & business powered by solar today!

Get free assessment using our AI on the web and mobile app, and fill this information with your form and we will get back to you within 60 minutes during the week day! Join the growing list of our clients using the power of the sun to power their homes and businesses while protecting the planet and saving money!